Monday, 3 October 2011

Planning Class03 animjam

This term we can choose to do "animjam" at AM. I have chosen to do it in a Viking theme called "Stewie's first Raid". Here is my planning for the first shot:)

Class 02 ProgressReel

Here is my class02 progressreel at AnimationMentor, as promised a while back:)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Finally starting my blog(again)

I can see that there is almost 3 years since my last post on here:) Back when I was a student in England. After Uni I ran my own company for one and a half year together with Ben Klimmek. Since that I have been working as a freelance artist doing bits and bobs here and there. At the moment I'm living in Viborg, Denmark.

Just about 6 months ago I started Animation Mentor, to specialize within character animation. This has been something that I wanted to do for several years, and when I got the chance to do it I jumped it:) So far it has been an AMAZING experience.

Here is my Progressreel from class 01. I have just finished class 02 so there will be a new reel on here soon:)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CCA - See that line

Here are my WIP in the module Creativ Character Anim.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Today we wrote down our first treatment for the final year project:


Working title


CU from the left side of the lower part of a door frame. The door opens, and we see someone stepping out.
CU near to the ground of a newspaper being picked up. FS of the sturdy old woman that has picked up the paper,
she looks up. SFX (Approaching electrical wheelschair). WS of the woman standing in front of the house, a
tiny old woman pulls up beside her in an electrical wheelchair. CU of traffic light changing from green to red.
EWS close to the ground of the two old ladies talking. SFX (Motorcycle slowing down and approaching). The front
of a chopper motocycle enters the frame, nearly blocking the old ladies. CU of a middleaged biker trying to look
cool, nodding at the ladies. WS of the old ladies as the sturdy ladie leans over and whispers something to the
other. EWS with the biker close to the camera, the old ladies look straight at him with sly expressions (smiling).

CU of old ladies hand revving the wheelchair. SFX (Electrical revving sounds).

(Keeping the same frame) The ladies rev the wheelchair.

FS straight ahead at the biker, he turns his head looking at the ladies, thinking they are pulling his leg.
WS with ladies in FG, old ladies antagonizing the biker with frantic revving.
FS of the biker as he turns away in disbelief, he looks up.
CU of the streetlight, still on red.
EWS with the biker close to the camera, he ponders and reaches a decission.
CU of the bikers hand as he starts revving. SFX (Heavy motorcycle sounds)

The revving goes back and forth.

CU of traffic light as it turns yellow.

Revving continues.

CU of traffic light as it turns green.

EWS all in frame, the biker releases his clutch, starts spinning and looses control of his bike.
Swirving he passes the camera on the left side close to the camera. SFX?
Slowly the old ladies accelerate out of the frame, smiling in the direction the biker disappeared in.

Final year project - Grannies

We are now in the pre-productin stage, with a lot of consept drawing and writing the final storyline.

Here is a fast test of one camera angle we are thinking of using.